We Want to Hear Your Story

If you have witnessed and/or overcome child abuse, neglect, abandonment or homelessness, and would like to have a platform to share your narrative, the Teddy Bear Project would like to demonstrate to others that it is possible to overcome such adversity with appropriate support. We are able to keep your identity private if that is your wish, so just let us know how you would like to be represented on social media. The Teddy Bear Project is so much more than an organization which donates teddy bears and plush animals to children who are in need; The Teddy Bear Project is comprised of a community of caring individuals who share a similar mindset and experiences as well as share a love for helping others one teddy bear at-a-time. Members of the Teddy Bear Project recognize the healing power of learning about others who have been in similar situations or circumstances, and knowing that they are not alone but being assisted by a charitable organization with a heart . . . If you would like to share your story with us, please email it to teddybearsandfriends2020@gmail.com.  

Along with your typed narrative, please provide photos, images and/or videos that you wish to include in your story. Also include our completed Media Release Form in your email. We will review your submission and contact you before publishing to obtain more information if needed. 

Dr. M