One simple post on social media and word-of-mouth was all that was required to launch the 2020 Teddy Bear Project which soon grew from its local roots in Charlotte County, Florida to surrounding counties, into other states, such as South Dakota and North Carolina, and next onto an international presence thanks to the interest of the editor of the “Teddy Bear Times and Friends” magazine. Even the local television station, WINK New broadcast a feature story on the Teddy Bear Project which rapidly increased members of the teddy bear team. The expertise of our talented web designer, David Enriquez has also been instrumental in attracting and maintaining the interest of our audience for the Teddy Bear Project by creating the official website of the Teddy Bear Project as well as the Teddy Bear Group Face Book page to allow consistent communication and updates for all of our members.

By 2022, we are projecting to add at least 1200 more teddy bears to the number that we are currently giving to abused, neglected, abandoned and homeless children. Thank you for helping to fund our vision to provide more than 600 children annually with an unlimited supply of teddy bear hugs and snuggles.

For donation support, please call 954-821-9385.