The stakeholders include individuals, businesses, associations and organizations who help in caring for these children to whom we give teddy bears and other plush animals to assist in reducing the children’s stress levels as well as providing them with comfort, consolation and healing in times of distress and loss. The Teddy Bear Project networks with professionals, companies, agencies and foundations which work with populations of children who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, and/or are homeless. Our providing them with teddy bears facilitates the services that they offer in administering health care in hospitals, foster care, psychological counseling, grief counseling, aiding social workers, relocation services, crisis management (natural and man-made disasters), domestic violence incidents, law enforcement, EMTs, first responders, etc. Upon occasion, we are granted the privilege of meeting our recipients in-person which allows us the opportunity to actually hand-deliver our teddy bears.

Call or Text: 954-821-9385

Some of Our collaborators and stakeholders

By 2022, we are projecting to add at least 1200 more teddy bears to the number that we are currently giving to abused, neglected, abandoned and homeless children. Thank you for helping to fund our vision to provide more than 600 children annually with an unlimited supply of teddy bear hugs and snuggles.

For donation support, please call 954-821-9385.