Whether you have had the opportunity to take music lessons yourself or to sing in a choral group personally, or perhaps you know someone who has had music opportunities such as these, you are very likely to comprehend the multiple benefits of having access to a music education. To you, the idea of many children not having access to learning to play a musical instrument or to sing with a group is absurd, but unfortunately, this is the sad reality confronting thousands of children every year. Fortunately, we are a non-profit (501c3) organization that is dedicated to strengthening the current state of music education on a state and national level by providing individuals who have an interest or a passion for music with access to the resources they need to learn how to play an instrument or to vocalize; giving them the opportunity to attend symphonies and concerts; and teaching them about music history and music theory. We believe that no matter what the family’s financial situation happens to be, it should not be the determining factor in helping to improve the quality of their academic education as well as their lives in general. Our mission is not only about advocating to keep music in schools, but it is also about promoting the professional development of musicians as well as the recognition of music as a viable cultural and economic community resource.

While music is a great gift to share with others as a means of brightening their day, it is also an excellent therapeutic tool for healing the body, mind and spirit. For example, this author’s 2010 accidental fall resulted in breaking both bones in her dominant right arm and shattering her wrist which is now being held together with titanium plates and pins. Traditional physical therapy was accompanied by learning to play the banjo blue grass style to restore flexibility and coordination in the fingers, hand, wrist and arm to its former 100% function. (BTW, it worked!) 

We are dedicated to raising the awareness of the lifelong benefits of a music education which includes us working with business leaders and decision makers to advocate for the importance of music on so many levels. This advocacy can include the assistance to artists through competitions, public performances, scholarships and international exchange programs which can be funded by local, community, and national organizations, agencies and associations. Music programs can also be expanded to focus on improving the lives of nursing home residents and patients living in rehabilitation facilities by reconnecting them with music they love and enjoy. Music even provides therapeutic benefits to dementia patients by tapping into long-term memories which allows them to feel more like themselves again upon hearing favorite songs.

So, we are asking for your financial support in the development of our music program in collaboration with Steinway & Sons in New York as well as several of our local non-profit charities, such as the Guardian ad Litem Foundation. However, we are also asking you to collaborate with us in our advocacy efforts to raise awareness regarding the lifelong, life-changing, and in some cases, the life-saving benefits of having a relationship with music. For those of us who grew up playing music or singing, we “get it,” but for families who’s main concern is survival, music is a lesser priority. We believe in the transformative and restorative power of music. We believe in the music program we are developing. We believe that you as members of the music community will support our efforts.

Warm regards,

Dr. Mary Ann Markey

For donation support, please call 954-821-9385.